Centipede MAME Project Completed

Click Here to See the Restoration Process! I have basically finished my resto-mod of an original 1981 Atari Centipede game. It was a wreck when I bought it and it was basically gutted. It now plays hundreds of arcade and console games using MAME and other emulators. I am in the “beta-testing” phase of the […]

Cube Storage Cabinet Project

I finished this a while back but did not get around to posting photos until today. I was waiting because the room this piece is in needs to be repainted. I don’t think I will get around to doing this for a while so here are a few quick shots. I may put up better […]

New Project -Centipede cabinet

I bought this the other day for $40. I have been working on a MAME arcade emulator project and have decided to house it in here. I created a work log for this project in which I will post info about my progress. Technorati Tags: Atari, Centipede, Classic Arcade Game, emulators, M.A.M.E., Mame, Restoration

Danish Modern Wall System Project Completed

This is the wall system I just built for my living room. It is the first real furniture I designed and built. I made a couple of this type with the two black doors. I had a limited amount of the veneered stock so I chose to alternate the door and cabinet colors. Here you […]

Van Cab Pics

I got around to working on the front part of the interior today. Here are some pics of how it looks now. This shows the other side of the bulkhead/divider wall. Note the moderately burly deadbolt. The dash had a lot of holes from police radios and was pretty beat up so I covered it […]

1996 Camper Van Conversion Project – Interior Pics

I am finally getting around to taking some photos of the van. I should have taken before shots and documented some of the projects but I didn’t. I bought this van at an auction from the State of Michigan last year. It was used to transport prisoners. It looked basically like a REALLY dirty church […]