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Danish Modern Wall System Project Completed

This is the wall system I just built for my living room. It is the first real furniture I designed and built. I made a couple of this type with the two black doors. I had a limited amount of the veneered stock so I chose to alternate the door ...

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I Bought a 1977 Chevy Custom Van

I know a lot of people think that 70s custom vans are lame or creepy but I have wanted one since I was a kid. TV shows like the A-Team are probably to blame. I found this riteous specimen on craigslist Sunday night and bought it Monday afternoon. It is ...

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Centipede MAME Project Completed

Click Here to See the Restoration Process! I have basically finished my resto-mod of an original 1981 Atari Centipede game. It was a wreck when I bought it and it was basically gutted. It now plays hundreds of arcade and console games using MAME and other emulators. I am in the ...

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Fender Bass Build Completed

This is my new bass. I put it together from parts I bought on ebay. I also refinished the body. I really like it so far. It is a Precision bass body with a P/J pickup set, wilkinson bridge standard jazz bass wiring and controls. The neck is a standard ...

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Yeah! The van is Gold!

It was starting to feel like the paint job project was getting a little off course but yesterday things moved enough forward to make me relax for a minute. Cory and Scott and company moved the van over to a kick ass spray booth and painted the Inca Gold base ...

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GoldieBoxx Van Interior Build Completion Part 3 of 3 – Biscuit Tuck Door Panels

The third and final installment of my van interior completion series is devoted to door panels. As I planned out the interior build I figured recovering the front seats would be the most difficult part. While it was very challenging, I would say doing these button tufted door panels was just as frustrating and even […]

GoldieBoxx Van Interior Build Completion Part 2 of 3 – Mirrors and Shag

This is the second of three posts about the completion of my van interior. The chronology of the three posts is not exact since I jumped around finishing things based on availability of materials and other factors. So even though this post is about finishing up the bench bases you may see a finished door […]

GoldieBoxx Van Interior Build Completion Part 1 of 3 – Headliner

I made a lot of progress on the van interior this summer. So much so that I’m splitting it into three separate parts. In this first installment we will look at the headliner build and installation. The ceiling has looked pretty rough for a long time. Later on I plan to upgrade the headliner with […]

GoldieBoxx Van Custom Seat Project Overview

If you ask me, you can’t have a custom van without a custom interior. The interior on my van was trashed and mostly gutted when I got it. Since then I have been slowly (very slowly) rebuilding it from scratch. I picked up speed slightly once it was painted and over the last year I […]

2012 Van Project Update

2013 is here and I am way behind in posting updates on my van project. I was reminded recently that a few people have actually enjoyed learning about the project so here is an update. Progress has been slow but I think the final results will be really cool. It’s been hard to find time […]

GoldieBoxx Interior Started

The van has been revived from it’s long winter nap and I’m slowly tackling the interior customization. There is still a lot to do but I have a little bit of progress to show. Last year I was able to get and install gold shag carpet on the floor. I struggled a bit on what […]