Furniture Design

Merry X-Mas To Me!

I got this new TV for myself. The 36″ tube TV I have been using was too big and heavy. It was crushing my danish modern tv stand. The new Hitachi 42″ Plasma really ties the room together. I am still streaming recorded TV signals, movies, etc from my MythTV PVR and server through my […]

Cube Storage Cabinet Project

I finished this a while back but did not get around to posting photos until today. I was waiting because the room this piece is in needs to be repainted. I don’t think I will get around to doing this for a while so here are a few quick shots. I may put up better […]

Danish Modern Wall System Project Completed

This is the wall system I just built for my living room. It is the first real furniture I designed and built. I made a couple of this type with the two black doors. I had a limited amount of the veneered stock so I chose to alternate the door and cabinet colors. Here you […]