New Bikes Ready for Spring

I recently finished a couple bike projects. The Goodyear cruiser and the Schwinn Breeze for Maritoni. We took them on a long ride with the Defying the Law Bike Club earlier today or technically yesterday. There are a few kinks to work out but so far the bikes are pretty great. You can see before […]

2 More Bikes for Me this Spring

I have been buying way too many bikes lately. I keep finding really great deals on craigslist. I am keeping 2 of the ones I bought recently. One is a 1981 Bianchi Nuovo Touring. It was originally an 18 speed. I am refurbishing it and converting it to a singlespeed. The other bike is a […]

Detroit Critical Mass 3/27/09

I attended a Critical Mass Ride in Detroit last night. I guess it was the first one in a long while. It was pretty fun. I think about 60 people showed up. We rode around downtown and midtown. It was a pretty good ride. Here are a couple pics. Technorati Tags: bicyces, bicycling, Bike, Bike […]

1940s Goodyear Bike Project

I am working on three bike builds this spring. One of them is a 1940s Goodyear brand bike I bought last fall from my buddy Dave. It is a straight bar cruiser frame and I want to build it in sort of a late 70s mountain bike/BMX style. In my head it looks really cool. […]

I Laced a Bike Wheel Today

I have been wanting to learn how to build up bike wheels for a while. Today I finally got all the parts together to give it a shot. While I was waiting for parts I read about how to do it so today went pretty smooth. It took most of the afternoon trialling and erroring […]

New Bike for Maritoni

  I bought Maritoni a 1975 Schwinn Breeze for Valentine’s Day.  It needs some work but that is cool because I am going to strip it down and rebuild it for her. She wants it to be pink. It is still in the planning stage. It was hard to find a cool old bike to […]