GoldieBoxx Van Interior Build Completion Part 2 of 3 – Mirrors and Shag

This is the second of three posts about the completion of my van interior. The chronology of the three posts is not exact since I jumped around finishing things based on availability of materials and other factors. So even though this post is about finishing up the bench bases you may see a finished door panel or incomplete headliner. It made sense to me to group them the way I did. Hopefully it makes sense to you as well.


In this shot from earlier this year you can see the side storage benches and center speaker enclosure bench before they were covered. I’m pretty proud of how these came out and almost didn’t want to cover them.


I had to decide whether to use all the remaining shag on the bench bases or perhaps split it with the headliner project. If I had split it the bases would have been wrapped partially in white vinyl. I think there would have been too much white that way and dig the solid shag bases.


The passenger side bench is just a smaller version of the driver side. Earlier on I built a version of this piece with a subwoofer enclosure. The dual rear facing speakers just looked cooler to me.


I plan to cover these with a speaker grill inspired by vintage Fender guitar amplifiers. This is a little too “showy” for me and does not look period correct either. However, it does provide ample bass.


One of my favorite aspects of the van interior is this classic lowrider inspired mirror tile. I used acrylic mirror because I though it might be safer and more durable. I plan to add more mirrors to the interior later on.

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