GoldieBoxx Van Interior Build Completion Part 1 of 3 – Headliner

I made a lot of progress on the van interior this summer. So much so that I’m splitting it into three separate parts. In this first installment we will look at the headliner build and installation. The ceiling has looked pretty rough for a long time. Later on I plan to upgrade the headliner with lights and mirrors but it’s really nice to see it looking finished.


In this photo from last summer you can see what the van ceiling looked like for the last couple years. I installed some insulation and furring strip to act as ceiling joists. If you look back at my earlier photos you will see I avoided or cropped out the headliner whenever possible.


I had a plan worked out in advance for the individual pieces that make up the van ceiling. Even though they largest piece was about 48″ x 48″ it was still pretty difficult getting them into position over my head. After this first day I got a little smarter and used an old pair of crutches to hold the pieces in position and spared my muscles and sanity.


Once the basic layout was roughed in I upholstered the fan section using white vinyl top stitched in a rectangle pattern to match the rest of the interior.


Here’s a shot of the rear console I made. Like the front console it was built to house a pair of speakers and an overhead light.



The rear console fitted in place. It ended up fitting pretty well.



One controversial issue with my headliner plan was the inclusion of this white fun fur. In a perfect world I think I would have used the same shag carpet used on the floor. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of the carpet. I’m a little on the fence about the fur. I might change it out later.


This shot shows an overview of the entire headliner. It is finished except for a piece that bridges the cab headliner with the rear.


This bridge piece might be my favorite part of the headliner. It is held in place with screws under the upholstered buttons. This piece and the fur pieces are removed fairly easy so I can access wiring for lighting, etc.





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