Pimpin’ (a custom van) Ain’t Easy

Van with Cragars at Dusk

2011 Project Wrap up A lot of progress has been made on the van this year but not quite as much as I’d hoped. Goldieboxx, as I sometimes call her, is looking pretty close to done on the outside but the inside still needs a lot of work. The old school Cragar S/S wheels and […]

Chevy Van Project Update – Paint Job Completed

GoldieBoxx The Gold Chevy Van

I picked up the van last week from Cory the Painter. It really looks great. It took 2 or 3 times as long as it was scheduled to take but in the long run it should be worth the wait.. I ended up putting in the windows and a few other details myself just so […]

Yeah! The van is Gold!

It was starting to feel like the paint job project was getting a little off course but yesterday things moved enough forward to make me relax for a minute. Cory and Scott and company moved the van over to a kick ass spray booth and painted the Inca Gold base coat. I haven’t seen it […]

The Van Paint Job is Coming Along

The painter dudes have been working on my custom van project for some time now and it’s getting close to ready for paint. They have been sanding, primering and sanding again. The guys are mostly working a few hours each evening so it takes a while. Luckily it really needed very little bodywork beyond the […]

My van is finally getting painted

I have been talking about getting my 77 Custom Chevy Van project painted since I bought it a couple years ago and it is finally happening. I dropped my van off the other day with my new friend Cory who’s doing a complete paint job for me. Now I just need to decide what color. […]

70s Van Magazine Scans-Panel Paintjobs

I am in the process of picking out a paint scheme for the custom van project. Today I got out my 1970s van magazine collection for some inspiration. I am mostly drawn to stripes and panel graphics vs murals. The murals are really hard to pull off without looking cheesy. A lot of times vans […]