GoldieBoxx Interior Started

The van has been revived from it’s long winter nap and I’m slowly tackling the interior customization. There is still a lot to do but I have a little bit of progress to show. Last year I was able to get and install gold shag carpet on the floor. I struggled a bit on what material to accompany it on the walls and ceiling and finally have a plan in mind. I think it will really look awesome but it is not ready yet. At present I am waiting for some of the materials to be shipped to me. In the meantime I have done a few things to keep me busy and lay the groundwork for the next phase.


The first thing I did was finish the insulation of the walls and ceiling. There is a lot of discussion online about how best to insulate a van. I decided on a three pronged approach because with no air conditioning and dual Flowmaster straight exhaust this thing is hot and loud in the summer time. The first layer is a asphalt/butyl rubber material from Home Depot called Quick Roof. This is meant to deaden vibration like a poor man’s Dynamat. The second layer is a 1″ solid foam material called Tuff-R. The final layer I plan to use is foil covered bubble wrap material called Reflectix. This should work as a radiant and vapor barrier. I am using automotive jute insulation inside the doors just because it’s impossible to get the foam board in there. I also insulated the engine cover or doghouse. GM sandwiched some sort of insulation inside this thing originally but it wasn’t cutting it. I added a layer of jute on the engine side and covered it with some Reflectix type stuff I bought from eBay last year. It’s a lot quieter and cooler already and I think it will be even better with the radiant barrier and padded walls.

Drink Tray and Floor Mats

With the insulation installed I decided to tackle a couple odds and ends while I waited for the UPS man to deliver material to cover the walls. It’s hard to imagine I have been driving this thing around for so long without a cup holder. Behold my drink tray! You can’t really have a 70s custom van without a proper drink tray. I watched eBay for a long time and failed to spot one to fit my van. My design is pretty straightforward but it took me far too many hours to complete. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Last, and apparently least, I made a set of floor mats. The funky gold shag was starting to get soiled. Again eBay was no help here so I made a set from some generic ribbed rubber material I got from Home Depot. They actually look nice in person.

Stay tuned because the next step should be a doozie.

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  1. charles baker says:

    looking good would love to see an update on it.

  2. Bo says:

    Hey man, love the paint job, and that drink tray came out really sick. Any updates on the build?

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks man! I’ve done more but need to update the blog.

  4. Pete says:

    Hey Brian!

    Going to repeat your steps and re-insulate my van this summer. Can you tell me where you got the quick-roof, tuff-r, refletix and jute?


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