Road Trip – Day Ten- Driving to San Francisco

We left Trinidad and traveled down 101 to San Francisco. We stopped at

the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I read that this is were the tallest

Redwoods were. I didn’t end up taking any more redwood photos but did

see this deer.
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Just as at the national park I felt it was not as organized as the

other parks we visited. We drove down a one lane twisting road for

miles. The van was almost out of gas and we hadn’t seen a gas station

for a long time. We also had to move off the road several times for

oncoming traffic that was going twice as fast as us and not stopping.

One of the other vehicles was a wide load semi truck. We finally found

something that looked like a trailhead.

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At the trailhead parking lot we

stopped and looked around but before we learned much we heard a cat

meowing loudly.We found a kitten that someone had brought out to the

woods and left. We made some calls and found a shelter about an hour

away and tried to take her there but she was VERY unhappy in the front

seat with Jen and we didn’t want to expose her to our animals since she

might have had a feline virus. We ended up leaving her there after we

gave her some food and water. Hopefully she will be ok.

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Later we stopped at one of the drive-through trees. The van was too big

but here is a shot of me enjoying a Dr.Pepper as I walk through a

coastal redwood.

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Here is a similar shot of Jen enjoying a red rope licorice.

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We continued down 101 passing many towns apparently dominated by

hippies. We didn’t take many photos but you can probably imagine. One

hippie looks like another.

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We also passed through some wine country. I thought about finding a

place to have a nice meal and enjoy some local wines but since I am not

that into wine and we were behind schedule we pressed on.

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We finally had our first In-N-Out Burgers. After everyone we knew who

had talked about them built it up so much they were kind of a let down.

The were good burgers but so far I didn’t taste anything to freak out

about. We both had two so they must be pretty good or we were just

pretty hungry.

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