Road Trip – Day Two

The second day went a lot smoother. We still had another 600 miles to cover but had no major mishaps. Missiouri had it’s share of hills and twisty roads but Kansas was just a bore.

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For lunch today we went to the Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in St Louis. It is apparently famous as one of the original and best KC barbeque restaurants. We had a good time and enjoyed the food but it was not the cleanest restaurant I have ever seen. I guess there are more than one location. I picked this one because I thought it was more authentic but it was kind of in the ghetto. Or at least that is the way it looked to us.

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Here I am with my enormous beef sandwich. I was surprised that it didn’t have much sauce on it until I noticed the three kinds of sauce on each table. I prefered the orginal but they had a sweeter and what they said was a spicier sauce though I did not find it to be so. I liked the food but thought the portion size was a bit over the top and gimmicky.

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Here Jen eats attacks her ribs. She chose not to add sauce to hers. The ribs were about a normal portion size. I tasted hers and would recommend the ribs also.

On to Kansas

After we ate we got back on the road toward the campground we are staying in now. It was a very long drive through some very BORING country. I thought Ohio was boring but Ohio aint got nothing on Kansas. The winner and new champion most boring state ever. We drove for hundreds of miles and saw nothing but empty fields, maybe dotted with a few cows. At one point I looked across an intersection and the horizon was absolutely level with the ground 50 yards ahead of me. I haven’t taken any photos so far that really show the emptiness here but will try again tomorrow.

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We were also surprised at how hot it was in Kansas in mid September. Here Dixie enjoys some water.

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Jen looking a bit car sick. Or was it the ribs?

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We thought this was pretty funny at the time. A basketball hoop strapped to a semi. We imagined the driver and a friend playing one on one. Maybe we were just bored. We finally made it to today’s destination,The High Plains Campground in Oakley, Kansas. So far so good. This place seems ok the showers were clean and we don’t ask for much more. I will post again tomorrow night.

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