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Danish Modern Wall System Project Completed

This is the wall system I just built for my living room. It is the first real furniture I designed and built. I made a couple of this type with the two black doors. I had a limited amount of the veneered stock so I chose to alternate the door ...

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I Bought a 1977 Chevy Custom Van

I know a lot of people think that 70s custom vans are lame or creepy but I have wanted one since I was a kid. TV shows like the A-Team are probably to blame. I found this riteous specimen on craigslist Sunday night and bought it Monday afternoon. It is ...

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Centipede MAME Project Completed

Click Here to See the Restoration Process! I have basically finished my resto-mod of an original 1981 Atari Centipede game. It was a wreck when I bought it and it was basically gutted. It now plays hundreds of arcade and console games using MAME and other emulators. I am in the ...

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Fender Bass Build Completed

This is my new bass. I put it together from parts I bought on ebay. I also refinished the body. I really like it so far. It is a Precision bass body with a P/J pickup set, wilkinson bridge standard jazz bass wiring and controls. The neck is a standard ...

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Yeah! The van is Gold!

It was starting to feel like the paint job project was getting a little off course but yesterday things moved enough forward to make me relax for a minute. Cory and Scott and company moved the van over to a kick ass spray booth and painted the Inca Gold base ...

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