Pimpin’ (a custom van) Ain’t Easy

2011 Project Wrap up

A lot of progress has been made on the van this year but not quite as much as I’d hoped. Goldieboxx, as I sometimes call her, is looking pretty close to done on the outside but the inside still needs a lot of work. The old school Cragar S/S wheels and Firestone Firehawk tires really tie the look together. The rear end is dropped two inches thanks to the new leaf springs I bought and had dearched. I also started installing some gold shag carpet but just ran out of time for the interior this year.

Van with Cragars at Dusk

Here is how it sits at the end of 2011. The outside is really looking great. Cragar S/S wheels 15x7 and 15x8. The rear tires are 255/70/15. I think the fronts are 215/65/15.

GoldieBoxx on Cragars - Rear View

Here's another view of the van. It's hard to capture the line graphics in a photo because they are pretty subtle. The paintjob ended up looking great. I do plan to talk to some pinstrippers next year about outlining the metalflake panels and maybe a few other subtle things.

Lowering the Rear

Swapping out the leaf springs was pretty easy compared to replacing the front suspension. I was sort of hoping it would go down 3" but only got 2". Maybe it will settle down further once the interior is in. I still think this was the right option. The flip kit and C-notch route would have been too low. I like the raked look.

New Exhaust Routing

After I lowered the rear of the van I started hearing a new banging noise. It turned out to be the old tailpipes that ran between the axle and the frame. A quick trip to the muffler shop and the exhaust now turns down in front of the rear tires. The only downside is it's noticeably louder from inside the van now though.

Gold Shag!

This carpet was donated by my friend Christina. It came from her grandma's house and matches the van perfectly. The only downside is there is not more of it. I'd like it on the walls and ceiling too!

Looking Forward

Project GoldieBoxx is really coming together. The next step is to tackle the interior. I want it to be even more awesome than the outside. Over the winter I will plan things out. I’m still debating color and materials for the walls, seats etc. For instance, I was thinking white vinyl seats but am now not sure.

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  1. Shawn Russo says:

    Brian, the van looks really good ! I stumbled upon your page because im trying to find out if 15×8 cragars with 255/70/15 tires will fit my 1985 chevy van without rubbing. I am planning on running 235/70/15 on 15×7 up front with the stock ride height for now, i am also planning on the spindles in the future. thanks Shawn

  2. Pete Harrison says:

    Dude, LOVE your van and your site. Going to put a link from it on my van blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. clay says:

    wicked van man, LOVE it, i own a 92 GMC, one day imma get an old one for a project too

  4. scott says:

    hey man sweet van.

    detroit vintage wheels
    ~follow on facebook

  5. Elva says:

    Brian, I see this post is from 2011. Did you ever add any pictures to another blog of your finished project? Have a 73 Chevy getting painted right now~ Interior is next. Would love to see how you handled yours 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures hope to see more

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