My van is finally getting painted

I have been talking about getting my 77 Custom Chevy Van project painted since I bought it a couple years ago and it is finally happening. I dropped my van off the other day with my new friend Cory who’s doing a complete paint job for me. Now I just need to decide what color. It may sound crazy but I am still debating my color options. Below are some shots of the van in his new shop. He and his crew have started shaving the emblems, trim, mirrors etc. I am looking forward to seeing the project take shape.

Check out more photos in my flickr

Cory and crew looking over the van in the new shop.

Here you can see they have welded up a number of small holes and started the bodywork. I have been debating whether to keep the old side windows.

The antenna and emblem holes already filled. He is going to glass in my front spoiler as well.

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