Centipede MAME Project Completed

Click Here to See the Restoration Process!

I have basically finished my resto-mod of an original 1981 Atari Centipede game. It was a wreck when I bought it and it was basically gutted. It now plays hundreds of arcade and console games using MAME and other emulators. I am in the “beta-testing” phase of the project and may have a few people over soon for an inaugural celebration.

Click Here to See the Restoration Process!

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  1. Joe C says:

    Hey Brian!

    I have a centipede cabinet and I want to do this. Do you have the designs or a template of the angles for that control stick? It looks insane and is exactly what I want to do. You would save me a ton of time and money. Please let me know

    thank you,

    Joe Cassese

  2. Brian says:

    Hey Joe!

    Sorry. I don’t have any plans that would help you. It’s been a while but imagine I used cardboard templates to get the angles right. Whatever I used is long gone. I might be willing to sell the whole cabinet if you’re interested.

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