Road Trip – Day Twenty-Three – Bealle Street, Memphis

We went to Bealle Street. I have always been a fan of the Blues and

thought this should be a stop on our tour. Like a lot of the places we

have been it was different than I imagined. It was pretty

commercialized as I imagined but had fewer attractions than I thought

it would. I thought it would be more of a Branson,MO for blues music.

Although I have never been to Branson. It was ironic that all we saw was

tons of white folks in an area that was famous for black

music. Everywhere else we looked they were pretty hard to find.
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We ate ribs at the Blues City Cafe. They were pretty good.

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Here is a shot of the cook and part of the dining room.

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Later we watched Dr Feelgood something or other. He was good but it

made me sad to watch him play for tourists who didn’t know anything

about the blues.

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Jen and I laughed and laughed about this guys car. The Praying for You

Haterz looked ridiculous to us. The car was also taxi cab yellow with

22″ chrome rims.

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We also thought this street name was funny. It seems we are 12 years old.

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