Road Trip – Day Twenty-Five – James Dean’s Hometown

This is the last day of our vacation. I tried to find at least one

thing I wanted to see in every state we visited. Farmount, Indiana is

apparently the hometown of fifties rebel icon James Dean. We visited

the small museum there and a very nice elderly lady showed us the

artifacts on display. We learned quite a lot about him. I was surprised

to learn how athletic he was. He lettered in several sports. He also

showed some ability in art and music. Jen found a letter he had written

to his young cousin discouraging him from drawing pictures of fighting

and war and encouraging him to look for the beauty in the world. That

told me a lot about his character. I wish more people in the world felt

this way.

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We found the cemetary somewhat accidentally looking for the way out of

town. A lot of people had left little notes and gifts on the grave. I

was reminded of that Morrissey video in which he came

here and drove a tractor or some nonsense. The whole visting someone’s

grave thing is lost on me, especially someone you have never met, but I

have done it twice today. I guess our trip has to end someway I guess

it is fitting for the last site we visit to be a grave.

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  1. shane says:

    this is very cool amigo..i want to do this too, and i am not a James Dean freak like some people believe it or not lol, and i actually got here from Google Images with “Me at James Dean’s grave…” and presto, and i was spurred to do that after watching the YouTube video for Morrissey’s “SuedeHead” :-D.. and i love that song and video. So did you feel any kind of energy there?? Was there a definite aura to being there?? And i am not a hardcore spiritualist either..lmao. And i DON’T feel the need to explain myself so much, although i do…and wow omg, do you think James Dean was as complicated as me?! And good day, i’m joking around on cup of coffee number 7 this morning here in Florida and wishing i could come there just once too 😀 Bless

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