Road Trip – Day Seventeen- Las Vegas

We ended up in Las Vegas. It was not on our plan to go there since we

had already been there and didn’t see much in it for us. It seems like

everything you can get there we can get at home in Detroit. We have

casino gambling, strip clubs,  dance clubs playing bad music,

extremely overpriced shows with headliners you never heard of,

overpriced food, scarey people walking the streets, etc The only thing

you can’t have is legalized prostitution which is really gross. After

our car repair adventures we were pretty tired but decided to go out in

Las Vegas anyway.  It is fun to people watch there. I am not in to

gambling but thought I would give it a try. Last time we just did the

slot machines which I have decided are for suckers. I played roulette

this time and won. I didn’t risk much but more than doubled my money.

Here is a pic of the winner on our way back to the van with the

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