Road Trip – Day Eighteen and Nineteen

We left Las Vegas and traveled on toward the Zion National Park in southern Utah. By

this time in the trip I was getting sick of hiking and I couldn’t

remember why I wanted to go to the Zion park although it may have been

I liked the name.
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On the road to Zion I saw this roadside attraction. In addition to the

Virgin Jail they also had a Virgin Trading post. The gift shop had many

“humourous” virgin related items like lotions (use your imagination).

The owner was talking to another redneck guy, this one a tourist,

explaining to him indian legends like kokopelli and how they were

changed and confused by the white man. This is also the only store I

have found canes with swords in them like the one in A Clockwork

Orange. Though I didn’t buy one because the handles were all dragons

and other goofy crap.

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Our campsite was just off the Virgin River.

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Dixie kept jumping in it but refused to pose for a decent picture.

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We saw this little guy on the river bank.

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And this guy in the a nearby campsite. 70s bass player man was jamming

by himself and without an amp. If I had my guitar with him I would have

asked to jam with him. “Hey man, do you know Taking Care of Business?

one, two, one two three four…”

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As I mentioned I was sick of hiking at this point. And I couldn’t

remember why I wanted to go to the Zion park. You have to take a

shuttle bus into the canyon, which would leave the pets alone for a

long time, and the sites seemed similar to those we had seen already so

we skipped it and drove past it toward Mesa Verde. Here is a shot we

took as I drove through.

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Somewhere by the side of the road Jen saw this liquor store and took a

picture of it. Obviously, we thought the name was funny. Like a lot of

the things we saw, this place was in the absolute middle of nowhere.

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