Roadtrip Journal Day 1 Belated

Here are some photos to show our progress so far. The first day started out a little rough so I am writing this on the second day.
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Here we are all packed up and ready to go. I thought we had it planned out pretty well but we had trouble before we were outside of Michigan. We decided to bring our dog Dixie and our cat Cornelious because we didn’t want to leave home with friends or a kennel because they would be home alone most of the time.

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We made this screen to seperate them. Dixie is very aggressive towards other dogs. She gets along fine the cat at home but with all of us in such a small space we thought it would be best to keep them apart. Our worst fears about the cat and dog came to pass. Cornelious escaped from his screened off area and Dixie freaked out and bit him on the face. I was shocked and Jen and I were both extremely upset. Although It looked horrible it was not very deep and does not appear to be very serious. We took him to an emergency vet to be safe. We also bought a crate to put the dog in. Everything seems to be ok now but dealing with this and driving the 600 miles to St.Louis made for a very long day. We planned to do some things in St Louis but those things got cancelled since we didn’t get in to town until 10pm. We stayed at the KOA campground in St Louis. No complaints about the campground.

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