Road Trip – Day Eight – Reno To the Pacific

We drove from outside Reno, NV to a small town called Trinidad, CA today. It was another long drive.
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I was glad to get out of Nevada. The scenery improved as the day went

on but the driving became pretty challenging. It was the most twisting

roads I remember driving on. Most of it was up and down steep grades.

The van is not a sports car by any stretch of the imagination. Jen was

getting a pretty queezy and I was not too comfortable either but we

made it safely.

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I forgot the name of this point where we stopped to look at the Ocean.

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Another shot from the same place. It was about 2 miles south of Trinidad off 101.

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The van on the beach near where we are staying.

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California is very beautiful. Tomorrow we are going to see the Redwood National Park.

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